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Retired Charlie Bears
Retired Charlie Bears

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Harry Hamster

Harry Hamster - £30.00

made from short viscose fabric, Harry is 5 way jointed

Quantity:  at  £30.00  each

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Needlefelt badges in gift boxes - £4.00

Quantity:  at  £4.00  each

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Oliver handmade artist bear

Oliver handmade artist bear - £120.00

Made of Mohair this beautiful hand made Bear is 20” tall and fully jointed with boot Button eyes

Quantity:  at  £120.00  each

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Panda Dahay by Clemens

Panda Dahay by Clemens - £60.00

Short and dense pile, black and white alpaca panda with stitch-sculpted, ultrasuede paws. He wears a colourful organza ribbon bow and has felt discs behind his character, safety eyes. Fully jointed and softly filled with polyfibre and plastic beads. Desig

Quantity:  at  £60.00  each

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Paul 1930’s British Bear

Paul 1930’s British Bear - £120.00

Light golden Mohair, slight rounded hump to back 21” Replacement to paw pads

Quantity:  at  £120.00  each

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Teddy Yano by Clemens bears

Teddy Yano by Clemens bears - £30.00

Teddy Yuno is made of silver grey plush with black safety eyes and a black stitched nose. He has grey velour foot pads with stitched claws and wears a multicoloured tweed-style scarf. Softly filled with polyfibre and plastic beads. Suitable for children o

Quantity:  at  £30.00  each

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